Conbook Artwork

Just like Groundhog day ... or rather ‚the same procedure as last year miss sophie‘?

The preparations for EAST are in full swing, which also means that we are working hard on our conbook.

But like every year, our conbook STILL looks astonishingly empty, like a walk of fame without stars.
Sad, isn't it?

So we are still looking for full-page artwork, as well as small fillers for within the text.


So if you have a creative streak and would like to contribute, here’s how:

- Thematic relevance is important, everything should fit together coherently.

- The golden age of film might have been black and white, but our conbook remains in colour. Coloured artwork is not a MUST but it is very much desired.

- Please also remember that artwork will be printed in CMYK, artwork in RGB will be converted
and may lose colour accuracy or other qualities.

- Print media have a much higher dot density than your monitors! Artwork, whether digitally drawn or scanned, should have a dot density of at least 300 dpi.

- The best file formats are JPG (set to highest quality) and PNG.

- Even though our convention is 18+, we don't want to print a smut booklet, so please keep your artwork clean.

- Our artists will be mentioned by name in the conbook, please give us a name and a way to contact you, e.g. FA-Link or Telegram-@.

- Filler which do not have a background should also be explicitly saved with a transparent background as PNG.


The deadline for submissions is 05.06.2022

Info for full page artwork:

The Conbook is printed in DIN A4 format. That means 210mm wide and 297mm high.
Due to the production process, 3mm additional bleed is required on each page.
Your page setup should therefore be 216mm wide and 303mm high.
Please keep a safety margin of 6mm from this measurement to the inside. The cutting from the print sheets is a manual work and therefore of varying accuracy. We wouldn’t want the characters loosing their ears (or worse!).

(See infographic)

You can reach our Conbook Department easiest via

Need another creative push?
This is what the conbook looked like last time:

Anecdotes from the past:
Please don't delete your project file right away, we may need to revise something together.
PLEASE PLEASE pay attention to the dot density (300 dpi!) We had to reject beautiful artwork in the past because it was a pixel mush when scaled up to 300dpi and A4 size.

conbook sample