COVID Rules - EAST 10

We created the following rules and information on June 21, 2022 to the best of our knowledge, based on the regulations for Thuringia ( These are valid until June 24th.

According to the regulations valid at the time of the EAST, adjustments to these rules are still possible. In particular, new regulations can be issued by German authorities at short notice, which can further restrict the rules mentioned here!



If you feel ill before your arrival, have COVID symptoms, or have had contact with people who have tested positive, we recommend that you test yourself with a self-test and then isolate according to the result or consult a doctor. If you are unsure about your state of health stay at home.

If you are unable to come to EAST due to a positive corona test, you have the option of canceling your room at short notice free of charge. In this case, we need official proof and you must inform us immediately.

As of 21st June there is no basis on which we can check your vaccination status. Nevertheless, it cannot hurt to have all the necessary documents and evidence with you. In general, we recommend that you follow the recommendations of the STIKO for COVID-19 vaccination (


Information for our foreign Guests

The binding entry rules can be found at

Vaccinations with the WHO-recognized vaccines Sinova, Sinopharm or Coronavac from Chinese manufacturers or Covaxin from an Indian manufacturer are recognized in Germany. The last vaccination must not be more than 270 days in the past (last booster vaccination).

Anyone who has stayed in a virus variant area 10 days before entering the country must present a negative test using nucleic acid detection (PCR, PoC-NAT or other methods of nucleic acid amplification technology) upon entry. In addition, entry is subject to registration, this registration is possible on the website According to our information as of June 21st , no countries are currently classified as virus variant areas.

At the convention

There is no obligation to wear a mask in any of the convention areas. We recommend wearing a mask indoors, especially in narrow, high-traffic, or poorly ventilated areas. Please respect the decisions of all participants in this regard and treat each other with consideration.

We would like to encourage larger groups to go to outdoor areas or well-ventilated rooms and to avoid heavily used paths as meeting places. Adequate distance to fellow human beings must be ensured.

In order to further reduce the probability of spreading COVID and other diseases at the convention, we ask you to pay attention to your personal hygiene. This includes washing regularly, especially your hands, using soap and hand sanitizer and using the crook of your arm when coughing and sneezing.

We have a limited ability to perform COVID testing on you through our paramedics. If such a test is positive, we must inform the health department. At the same time, you have the duty to isolate yourself until a reliable result is available. Violations can lead to high fines according to the Thuringian Corona Protection Ordinance! ​