Fursuit Dance Contest

Finally there is certainty: The long awaited EAST Dance Contest will go into its first round and YOU can be a part of it!
Have you always been dreaming about presenting your dancing skills, or do you simply just love to fidget to Just Dance in front of a console? No matter how the Boogie, HipHop or Contemporary got into your paws, we are looking forward to seeing your talent and the fun you're having dancing on the floor.

Motivate yourself and your friends, and let's make the arena shake!
It takes just one click to your enrollment!


Explanation - Please read carefully:

  • Preparation - mix some music!
    • Mix your own, individual MusicMix. It can be just one song or compromise a number of different ones. Let your creativity flow.
    • Please be aware that your MusicMix mustn't exceed 100 seconds (1min 40s).
    • The data format of your MusicMix should be MP3
    • Send your sampled MusicMix two weeks beforehand (deadline: July, 6th 2022)
  • Preparation time - Work, work, work!
    • You're in! Yaaaayyy! Now, the real work starts ...
    • Don't forget to practice!
  • The Live Dance Competition will be divided into two parts: the preliminary round and the main dance.
  • Preliminary round - Testing your improvisation skills!
    • Each contestant will be randomly put together with three more contestants into a group of four. You will be perfoming simultaneously and solo - no group choreography.
    • Two songs from a playlist made available beforehand will be picked randomly; you will be asked to dance 45s to each one of them. (Some songs of the playlist will be made available, so you can prepare properly or at least get a hunch of where it's going.)
    • In the meantime, rows will be switched so that the jury will be able to see everyone front line.
    • Now, you will be divided into beginners and advanced dancers to grade everyone in an appropriate manner when it comes to the main dance.
  • Main Dance - Show us what you got!
    • Now it is time to perform to your own MusicMix! The spotlight will be focused on you explicitly.
    • Especially choreography, music and entertainment will be put into consideration by the jury
  • Award ceremony - And the winner is ...
    • The first place of the beginners and the first place of the advanced dancers will be announced. The EAST DANCE CONTEST prize will be solemnly presented
    • And now it's time to celebrate!


  • Please make sure your MusicMix does not exceed 100 seconds. If so, your song will simply be cut off.
  • Fursuit or Partial? Both is being permitted! There is no obligation to wear feet paws if it comes to performing with a Partial.
  • Use your dancing area in the preliminary round, but please be fair and respect the space of your fellow contestants as well.